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Do you have any questions about our virtual celebrity stock market? Our team is always here to provide you with answers.

After opening an account, you can buy and sell your favorite celebrities to dictate who’s hot and who’s not. Celebrities are traded in different groups or categories. When you open an account, you receive free Glitz coins to get you started.

Yes, you can. By simply creating your profile or after completion of any stage, you earn free Glitz coins. These coins vary from 3G Coins up to 200G coins.

Absolutely! We know you might need to make a trade at a moments notice, so we created and app to keep HotpopstarZ at your fingertips.

Players can win Cash Prizes, Loyalty Points, Referral Points, Downloadable Content, Gift Cards, as well as free Glitz Coins to trade some more. All this in one single application.

The goal is for the player to create a portfolio with a higher return than the other players to win exciting cash prizes and more.

You can play just for fun and interact, socialize, broadcast your opinion, and gain bragging rights to win downloadable content. Or you can Pay 2 Play with an Ad-Free Subscription.You will play for cash prizes Weekly, Monthly and Annually, as well as other great prizes.

Follow these three simple steps and get started today!

How OUR app works

Follow these three simple steps and get yourself started to play on one of the world’s first virtual celebrity stock markets offering cash prizes!

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