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HotpopstarZ is the world’s first virtual celebrity stock market and interactive social gaming platform offering cash prizes!

HotpopstarZ Mobile Application

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Get easy access to the entire HZ Gaming Mode.

Earn Glitz Coins & Prizes

Earn free Glitz coins daily to buy stocks and enter contests.

Support a Cause

By purchasing these Glitz coins you’re contributing to a greater cause.

How It Works

Play just for fun! Interact, Socialize, Broadcast your opinion, and gain bragging rights to win downloadable content.

Play For Free

You don’t need to pay to play, simply log in and start buying stocks.

Compete & Win

Compete with friends by creating groups, award shows, etc. Trade with any information you can find and build a winning portfolio.

2 Ways 2 Play

Play For Free

Play for fun and interact, socialize, and broadcast your opinion to gain bragging rights and win free downloadable content. With an Ad-Free Subscription you can play for cash prizes Weekly, Monthly and Annually, as well as other valuable prizes.

How To Win

To win, your account returns must be greater than other players at the end of each contest. It’s not the number of Glitz you have, it’s the highest % of return on your trades.


Players win Cash Prizes, Loyalty Points, Referral Points, Downloadable Content, Gift Cards, as well as free Glitz Coins to trade more and gain bragging rights.

Buy & Sell Hollywood Stocks With HZ.

Buy shares of your favorite actors and get the real stock market craze at the same time with HotpopstarZ.

Share values rise or fall based on who’s hot and who’s not in the entertainment market.
Get valuable market information to predict celebrities successes and failures before your friends.
Get all the information and news on trending stocks to purchase, right into your mailbox.
Join for free and purchase or earn Glitz coins after completing tasks and contests.

Learn More About Tranding On The Exchange And HZ

Join HotpopstarZ for free and you’ll get Glitz Coins to buy and sell your favorite Celebrities.


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Select Your Plan


Select Your Plan

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Buy and trade your favorite celebrities and more using your Glitz coins. Sign up and we’ll get you started with 3G coins.


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Have Questions? Look Here

Do you have any questions related to the HZ virtual stock market? Our team is here to provide you with any help needed.

After opening an account, you can buy and sell your favorite celebrities to dictate who’s hot and who’s not. Celebrities are traded in different groups or categories. When you open an account, you receive free Glitz coins to get you started.

Yes, you can. By simply creating your profile or after completion of any  stage, you earn free Glitz coins. These coins vary from 3G Coins up to 200G coins.

Absolutely! We know you might need to make a trade at a moments notice, so we created and app to keep HotpopstarZ at your fingertips.

Players can win Cash Prizes, Loyalty Points, Referral Points, Downloadable Content, Gift Cards, as well as free Glitz Coins to trade some more. All this in one single application.